N.O.V.A. Principles

“Adrianna” –  “I like N.O.V.A. so much.  My favorite lesson is Anger Management.  It’s helping my dad not to explode when I didn’t do this right or I didn’t do that right.  Thanks A Lot!”

N.O.V.A. Motto

The N.O.V.A. Motto is “Illuminating the path to Excellence”.  Our focus is on helping youth to seek out and achieve success in life.

N.O.V.A. Lone Wolf

Be a N.O.V.A. Lone Wolf.  If your pack of friends ask you to do something that is harmful, dangerous, or wrong, have the courage and strength to say no and leave.

What is N.O.V.A.?

The N.OV.A. Principles Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) principle based program taught by Law Enforcement Officers to youth in  Elementary – Jr. High – High School

N.O.V.A. Principles – An Evidence Based Program

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Nurturing is to encourage positive development & growth.


Opportunities are good things that come your way. Recognizing and seeking good opportunities should be an important focus in everyone’s life.


Values are good principles, ideals, and standards that one believes in and lives by.


Accountability is being responsible for your choices and actions.

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