“Joe” – “The N.O.V.A. program has helped me in a lot of ways.  This program gives me better insight on why when I’m a kid I need to make good decisions so that I will be a good adult.”


“Natalie” – “I recently had an experience, I was on the computer and I typed in the wrong word and a picture that made me feel uncomfortable popped out, I was starting to panic but then I realized that [my N.O.V.A.] had told us about this.  I closed out and then shut down the computer, I then told my mom and dad about what I saw and how it made me feel, they helped me feel better.  I am glad I knew what to do thanks to N.O.V.A.”


“Ella” – “The N.O.V.A. program has helped me understand things that I kind of knew but now I know.  I have learned what to stay away from to live a successful life and why I should stay away from those things.  It has caused me to want to do better and be better on my path of excellence.”


“Jonathan” –  “N.O.V.A. helps me achieve my goals by teaching me how to take advantage of opportunities that will improve my life.  It is teaching me to think of these opportunities as stepping stones to my ultimate goals.  My ultimate goals in life are to have the ability to stand up for myself and others, to have close relationships with my family and friends (current and future), be a successful member of society, and be in a position to give to those who are in need.  N.O.V.A. will help me avoid the pitfalls that may stop me from reaching these goals.”


“Paul” – “The class that affected me most was the maturity one.  It helped me become more mature and aware of my surroundings… My paradigm has turned from a victim’s, to a hero’s in a shorter amount of time that I expected.”


“Adrianna”, Utah:  “I like N.O.V.A. so much.  My favorite lesson is Anger Management.  It’s helping my dad not to explode when I didn’t do this right or I didn’t do that right.  Thanks A Lot!”


“Monica” – “I love it every time you come and teach NOVA, it’s always so fun and exciting.  I especially loved when you taught about self esteem.  the subject is a big thing for me… It really touched me and made me open my eyes about how I need to love myself and change my attitude about everything about me and the world & life.  Thank you so much for doing what you do, you are the one that made me open my eyes so thank you.”


“Adeline” – “NOVA has helped me so much in my Lifetime Decisions.  There was a day when my friends wanted to go to the church and play around, get on the roof and stupid stuff like that.  I sat there a moment and I Studied The Situation.  I decided to be a “NOVA Lone Wolf” and stand against the Pack, so thank you.  You have taught me so much.”


 “Cade” – “My favorite lesson of yours was probably the “Study the situation” one because it taught me the most.  I have this handheld game system, and my Mom doesn’t let me play it during the week.  And so sometimes I play it secretly.  But the day you taught the “STS” lesson, I started playing it and wondering “Is it really worth it? Is it worth getting it taken away?  No.”  So I just waited for the weekend.  And the game is a lot more fun on the weekend because when I play it during the week I feel guilty.”


“Macy” – “N.O.V.A. has changed my life… I have recently been bullied a lot and I have learned from you to put a stop to it and not let it bother me.  I have been going through some hard times and N.O.V.A. has helped me through it… My parents are proud of me and thank you also.  N.O.V.A. is a really great program and it is also very fun… I have been looking forward to doing N.O.V.A. since my older brother has taken part 6 years ago.  I hope N.O.V.A. will be going on for a very long time so you can change others lives like mine.  Thanks!”


“Lyndsie” – “I have learned so much!  I went home and really used the lessons!  Like when I was going to get so mad at my sister, I did STS and told my fighter to turn off, which saved me a lot of trouble!  And ever since then I have gotten into a lot less fights that I could have been in!  Thank you so much!  N.O.V.A. changed my life!


“Laura” – “I am very glad to be in the N.O.V.A. program.  Also for my officer for teaching me all these great things.  I know he is one of the people I can count on and he wants me to be safe.  Same with my parents, teachers, and friends, and I want to thank them for leading me to the path of excellence.”


“Eduardo” – “In N.O.V.A., I learned not to bully people because it puts people down.  I even know how it feels because in my school people do that to me.”


“Orlando” – “If I do what N.O.V.A. tells me now, then I will live a good clean life.  That is why I listen to N.O.V.A..”


“Eliana” – “N.O.V.A. has defined the reasons and motives of good and bad.  I hope that I will stay on the good side of everything N.O.V.A. has taught me this year.  It has warned me and armored me so that I might be prepared to face off the things I would want to stay away from.  In doing all this, N.O.V.A. has increased my chance of staying out of gangs and other things that will hurt me.”


“Destiny” – “I used to be friends with this girl that was changing my life in bad ways.  Ever since we learned that we should have friends that are good for us and not bad, my attitude, and the way I act in school have been better including my grades in school.  The N.O.V.A. program is a great way to learn what to do in bad places.”


“Shawn” –  “N.O.V.A. has helped me to get involved with good activities like church, volunteering, scouts and many other things.  I want to stay active and be a good citizen.  When you are helping others you feel good about yourself.  When you feel good about yourself you don’t want to try drugs.  When you feel good about yourself you have the courage to say no.”


“Hannah” – “The N.O.V.A. program has helped me on my path to excellence with one specific lesson: Self-Esteem.  I was on the edge with that, and that really helped me back up, and same with put-downs.”


“Annika” –  “Participating in the N.O.V.A. media challenge has taught me that there are more important things than watching television and playing video games.  I have had the chance to exercise and spend time with family and friends.  This challenge has helped me stay away from harmful media.”


“Collin” –  “When you have the opportunity to do something, you don’t back down.  You don’t just say, “I can’t”, “Too hard”, “Why should I”, and stuff like that.  You decide to say, “I can”, “It’s just another challenge”, “Why shouldn’t I”, and other stuff.  Taking opportunities can carry you all the way to success, friends, and happiness.”


Tovar” –  “The N.O.V.A. Pack assignment was very difficult.  My family watches T.V. all of the time, but instead of mindlessly watching T.V. I grabbed a good book.  By the time I could have watched hours of T.V., I read 2 books during the seven days.”


KaCee” – “N.O.V.A. is like the talk many kids never get from their parents, but is the one that will help them most in life… N.O.V.A. is good because I may have talked with my parents about the same stuff N.O.V.A. teaches, but kids with an unsupportive family probably never talk about this stuff.”


Parker, a 6th grade student in Utah wrote, “NOVA has helped me in many ways.  My grades are higher than before.  NOVA has also helped all my brothers and sisters.  My Two sisters liked it so much that they hung their NOVA shirts on the NOVA wall in my house.  So if I graduate, my shirt will be on that wall too.”


Nick” – “…Another thing we learned is how to be and always to be a NOVA lone wolf.  This means when your friends decide to do something wrong to tell them no, and to walk away.  I think this was one of the most important things we learned, because being a NOVA lone wolf can really affect the course of someone’s life.”


Ethan” – “In N.O.V.A. I have had a great chance to be able to know the right path to follow.  I have learned so many things and they have had a great influence on me, and I’m sure other students as well.  In my opinion N.O.V.A. is the best educational program that the school has to offer.”


Karelle” – “I was so inspired for what I was able to learn for what things were right and what things were wrong.  I’m glad that I was able to participate in something so incredible… I’m glad that I was able to learn stuff like, “Study the Situation”…  On difficult decisions I would think, “Should I be doing this?” or “Is this right?”


Zachary” – “With all our lessons, I learned that there is only one way to get to my path of excellence.  And that is making right choices… That is the best thing about N.O.V.A., it teaches you great values and it makes sense.”


Brianna” – “The N.O.V.A. program has helped me a lot.  I haven’t fought with my sisters a lot as much as I use to…”


Sandra” – “I would hear lots of Rap and Hip Hop music, some of the songs had lots of swear words.  Now I hear only good music.  I swear a lot, now I don’t as much.”


Keysha” – “N.O.V.A. has really taught me a lot and I really do plan on using the N.O.V.A. principles for the rest of my life.”