Understanding the power of making life time decisions can help me achieve my path of excellence.  Knowing what I want and setting goals to lead me to success and positive opportunities has made my life easier.  I have a goal to continue my own education by preparing for graduate school where I want to study to receive a master’s degree in mathematics education.  I also have a goal to go to Korea to perhaps teach English there for a summer.  I had the opportunity to live in Korea for about a year and a half and would really like to go back again.  Each of these opportunities will help me gain more knowledge that I can use to help others and find success in my work and personal life.  These goals are important to me because education is something that I value.  If you don’t know something you are missing knowledge that can help you solve problems or avoid trouble.  Education opens more doors of opportunity.  Another thing that is very important to me is family.  I want to have knowledge that can help my family.  I also want to share the things we learn in N.O.V.A. with them so that they can do well on their path to excellence.  Teaching is also something I love and is very important to me.  The things that I learn in N.O.V.A. can help me help my students.  N.O.V.A. principles teach us to avoid gangs, drugs, low self esteem, and media that is vulgar or destructive.  These things can stop us from achieving our goals and prevent us from helping others.  I will use my knowledge to avoid trouble and to achieve my goals.