Some standards that I want to have for myself are to respect people even if their choices are different than mine, and to not bully anyone around.  I’ll be mature, and make good choices for myself.  My family is important to me.  I will treat them the best and I will support them.  I’ll do what my Mom and Dad tell me to do when they ask me to do something.  Another thing that is important to me is getting good grades in school, and graduating in High School so that I can get a job.  Also the things I want to avoid is not play or watch violent, offensive, and vulgar movies and video games.  The internet is a dangerous place of internet predators and pornography.  I will avoid these dangers by being careful of what I type, deleting junk mail, and to not give out my information.  I will listen to music that my Mom and Dad are ok with.  I’ll avoid drugs by not hanging out with people who do that.  One of the things I plan to do is become a cartoonist or an animator.  I will try hard in school, study, go to collage, and get a masters degree.  I will be honest no matter what the circumstance.