9th Annual N.O.V.A. Lagoon Day!

This years N.O.V.A. Lagoon day in Utah, will be Saturday, April 23, 2016.  Students participating in N.O.V.A. will have the opportunity to receive N.O.V.A. Lagoon Day discount tickets from their N.O.V.A. Instructor.  This discount ticket will allow them and their family to get into Lagoon at discount pricing.  This will be a great day to visit Lagoon, because the summer crowd will not be there and the lines are short!

We hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity with your family and enjoy a fun filled day at Lagoon with us.  Please wear your N.O.V.A. T-Shirt if you have one to show your support for the N.O.V.A. program.  We hope to see you there!