I am a good student.  I have been blessed to learn easily and to do well on school assignments.  I can take advantage of these abilities by doing my best in school.  I can take classes that challenge my abilities.  I can also look for opportunities that will help me grow.  I will use my time in school wisely so that I can one day attend a college of my choice and enjoy the opportunities that come from being a college graduate.  I also enjoy sports and hope to play on my high school teams.  In order for me to accomplish these goals I will need to avoid bad influences such as drugs and gangs.  I will need to choose good friends and make good use of my time.  I will have to dedicate myself to doing my homework and taking good care of my body through good nutrition and exercise.  If I make these the guideline for my life I will be able to find success in my education and in sports.  These things along with my family and religion are the things that have the most value in my life.  I believe with my hard work and support from my family and friends nothing is out of my reach.  The N.O.V.A. program has helped me on my path to excellence by giving me tools to use in real life situations, such as staying away from the harmful effects of drugs and other bad influences that will keep me from reaching my goals.  It has also taught me to study the situation, to take time to act and not react so that I can take the time to make the best choices possible.  This is my N.O.V.A. constitution.  If I live by these standards that I have set for myself I will have success in my life.