Having had a hand in creating the N.O.V.A. Principles program, and having taught N.O.V.A. for the past 13 years, I have been so fortunate to have encountered hundreds of wonderful positive experiences that I will never forget.

My business associate, and Co-Founder of N.O.V.A. Principles LC, Dr. Paul Jenkins, or, “Dr. Paul” as he is known, deserves the lion’s share of the credit for this, for if it wasn’t for Dr. Paul’s contribution to the N.O.V.A. program, N.O.V.A. would just be another good program, instead of the GREAT program that it has become.

I would also like to thank every N.O.V.A. Instructor for your desire, dedication, commitment, and hard work for making N.O.V.A. Principles what it is today, and for what it will become tomorrow.  It is all because of you!  All of the positive messages you are teaching to the thousands of students who participate in N.O.V.A. have such a positive effect on them, as well as their family, friends, and everyone that they come in contact with.  However, all this does not overshadow the positive effects it has on you, your family, friends, and everyone that you come in contact with as well.  All of this is truly causing a wonderful, “Paradigm Shift” for good!

Comments from students I have taught such as, “This lesson has changed my life forever!”, and, ” I used to argue and fight with my brother all the time, but now since I’ve had N.O.V.A., I don’t any more.”  are permanently embedded in my heart.  The comments I receive from parents about how N.O.V.A. has helped their son, or daughter also inspire me and uplift me as well.

N.O.V.A. has, “Illuminated my path to excellence” !