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Screen It! was created to give parents a way to access the content of popular entertainment their kids are exposed to. It is not intended as censorship. Rather, it is designed to allow Hollywood and independent filmmakers to continue to produce movies, videos and DVDs while informing parents of the content in them. Some people argue over the moral quality of films while others want to ban certain releases that contain material that particularly offends them.

That is censorship, and it’s not right for others to decide what you or your children can see. That decision lies with you. Until now, however, there was no way for parents to find out about the content of movies, videos, or DVDs. For movies, the MPAA rating (G, PG, etc…) is a start, but offers just a one line, generalized description of the “offending” material. A few newsletters here and there offer a little more information, but are usually biased or are lacking in detailed content listings.

That’s why we created Screen It!. An unbiased, easy to use, yet heavily detailed and complete look at popular entertainment your kids might see, rent, or buy. And this applies to kids from one to seventeen. We offer detailed content listing in many categories for every movie and video we review. Each category is then assigned a rating that summarizes the quantity and degree of the content.

Plugged In is a Focus on the Family publication designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate, and impact the culture in which they live. Through our reviews, articles and discussions, we hope to spark intellectual thought, spiritual growth and a desire to follow the command of Colossians 2:8: “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.”

Common Sense Media rates movies, TV shows, books, and more so parents can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids. We offer the largest, most trusted library of independent age-based ratings and reviews. Our timely parenting advice supports families as they navigate the challenges and possibilities of raising kids in the digital age. Learn how we rate and review and see our founding editors’ 10 Beliefs. Our vision: Families taking charge of their digital choices.

ClearPlay is a safe way to enjoy movies with your family.  Whether it’s movie night with the kids or date night with you and your spouse, ClearPlay has you covered.  Entertainment choices for the whole family.  You set content preferences based on your family values. ClearPlay Smart Parental Controls then filter out the images and dialogue you don’t want in the movies and TV shows you own or rent.  You control what your family does – and doesn’t – see so everyone can enjoy worry-free family time.

You no longer have to accept the unacceptable in movies and TV. VidAngel provides a way to skip or mute things you don’t want to see or hear in movies and TV shows. Use Filters to Skip Distasteful Snippets. Want to skip the nudity in Game of Thrones? Go ahead. Don’t like the mature language in Stranger Things? Mute it. Want less blood and gore in Hacksaw Ridge? VidAngel lets you skip and mute any objectionable content, all in the privacy of your home.

We are dedicated to continue raising public awareness about the dangers of Internet pornography, sexual predators, other dangers and advance solutions that promote equality, fairness and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology, and the law. We stand for freedom of speech as defined by the Constitution of the United States; for a culture where all people are respected and valued; for a childhood with a protected period of innocence; for healthy sexuality; and for a society free from sexual exploitation.

Our kids are on the front lines of a digital revolution. Devices, social networks, and media are changing childhood in radical ways.

We all want kids to grow up healthy and happy as the world accelerates around them.

Common Sense has helped hundreds of millions of parents, teachers, and policymakers navigate this accelerating landscape.

Family Safe Media is the one stop shop for parental control and safety solutions for families. Parents who are concerned about the profanity, promiscuity, and violence in today’s media and entertainment will find solutions here.

Family Safe Media is dedicated to providing the latest products and services that can help parents control the media in their homes.

A true story of scoopers and poopers, of pointers and heroes. Of those who score goals, and those who score zeroes.

Kirk’s book “The Dog Poop Initiative” has sold over 80,000 copies. It has been translated into German, Spanish, and Hebrew. While this book is written for all ages and can be found in many public school libraries, the #1 buyer of the book is Boeing Aircraft who use it for their Six Sigma Lean program. Managers often use this book for their morning huddles or weekly kick-off meetings.

Our mission has resonated with parents from coast to coast who have already realized the danger of too much technology too soon. Gabb Wireless is not just a phone or a phone network—we are a movement to protect kids by providing age-appropriate technology solutions.

Provided by one of our founders, Dr. Paul Jenkins.

Live On Purpose. What does that mean? It means that we have a purpose and we do it intentionally. Have you noticed that there is much negativity, fear, and doubt in the world? What happens when positive people lift and inspire fellow human beings to create and live a life they love; to live on purpose? Together, we create a pandemic of Pathological Positivity. When we do this, people’s lives are changed for the better. Everyone has a “sweet spot” or a “unique mission” in life. Our sweet spot is when we do what we love for the people who love what we do. Live On Purpose TV is where we gather to assist each other to Live On Purpose.

New episodes daily.

The television industry designed a TV ratings system – known as the TV Parental Guidelines – to give parents more information about the content and age-appropriateness of TV programs. Know the facts:

Established in 1968, the film rating system provides parents with the information needed to determine if a film is appropriate for their children.

ESRB ratings provide information about what’s in a game or app so parents and consumers can make informed choices about which games are right for their family. Ratings have 3 parts: Rating Categories, Content Descriptors, and Interactive Elements.

The music industry takes its responsibility to help parents determine what may be inappropriate for their children seriously—that’s why RIAA and its member companies created the Parental Advisory Label (PAL) program.