Each NOVA Instructor is required to complete the NOVA Instructor training to become certified.

Training is available in an on-demand format through NOVA Central. This means you take the training from your computer via the Internet. (You do not travel anywhere to participate.) Once the various session modules have been completed, trainees will be invited to participate in a half-day live virtual session. This will finalize their training.

As a new instructor, you will have approximately 24 hours of training before the half-day live session. All on-demand training modules must be completed prior to attending the live virtual session. 

Live Virtual Sessions Held Quarterly


 We suggest you schedule time (with your department) each week to complete this coursework. Perhaps ½ day or full-day blocks of time, where you will be uninterrupted.

The sessions are interactive. There are quizzes, videos, teaching others what you have learned, etc. You will to learn life-changing skills that apply to yourself and others.

In addition to NOVA Instructor Training:

There is a requirement for continuing education (12 hours) over three years to maintain your certification. These hours are simple to acquire to maintain your training.

Half-Day Live Attendance Requirements
  1. No other activities during training (court dates, shifts, meetings, etc.)
  2. Separate, private, location for each trainee. One person per camera/room.
  3. Computer with webcam and microphone.
  4. High-speed internet.
  5. Well-lit area with lighting on your face.
  6. The camera is on at all times.
  7. Active participation during training.
  8. Participants can attend a Zoom orientation the week prior to the training with a NOVA training faculty member.
    1. We use Zoom video conferencing software to conduct this training.
    2. A link will be provided a few days in advance for the training to be used during the training.
  9. Attendees must attend all sessions to complete the training and receive their certification.

Registration Link.

You will need to complete one form for each participant

NOTE: Departments will be sent an invoice once the registration is complete