This year in N.O.V.A. I learned that in order to illuminate my path to excellence I must follow the N.O.V.A. principles.  Since I have learned these principles I have an opportunity to get better grades, be careful with the internet, stay away from drugs, ets..  I want to saty away from things like gangs, pornography, fights, and all the things that will lead me away from my path to excellence.  N.O.V.A. has helped me with a better understanding of harmful (physically and mentally) things.  Such as, computer predators, music, movie, and video game safety;  However, it has helped me with good things like how to find good music, movies, and video games.  Also, it taught me how to become successful in school, home, and eventually work and jobs.  I value all of the great things I have learned in N.O.V.A. and I want to stay away from the bad things that I need to stay away from that will help me in my life.