At age twelve, we are very vulnerable to many things.  One wrong step can ruin the rest of our lives.  Entering middle school, we get to choose who we hang out with and which path we take.  To help us with our decisions, we have a program called N.O.V.A.  It stand for nurturing, opportunities, values and accountability.  It has helped “Baby Proof” me from bad things.  Also, it has given me knowledge of what to beware and what opportunities to take advantage of.  I definitely want to watch out for drugs and alcohol.  They can take over your life and be a money-sucker.  Your life can be so much easier if you just don’t do it.  Gangs also can never be good news.  They only lead to trouble, trouble, and more trouble.  Negative friends can be one of the most convincing influences.  It is completely up to you what kind of friends you choose.  I will avoid all these things because I have opportunities and goals I want to reach.  I want to go to college.  It is one of my goals… I want to have a good job and be happy about it.  I want to grow up to be a dentist.  I will start today to help my future self.  You can never go wrong with service.  It helps out the whole world.  Positive friends can help push me to be a better person.  I hope to always have good friends.  I want to have these opportunities because of certain things I value.  I value education.  It always leads to the path of excellence.  I hope we are all obedient and respectful to everyone including ourselves.  So much can be earned with hard work.  We should never be lazy because nothing comes out.  Integrity needs to shine forth from everyone in all they do.  When no one’s watching is the most important time to do what you know is right.  I hope all these things help keep me on my path to excellence.