There are many opportunities I would like to take advantage of.  One opportunity I want to take advantage of while I’m young is try out for a Olympic soccer program.  I’m going to take advantage of my education given to me, so I may get into a good college.  I would like to take advantage of NOVA also.  A big thing I want to avoid is drugs.  They would totally lead me off of my path to excellence.  It would be like losing your map and getting lost.  Another thing I would like to avoid is bad friends.  I would not like to be in a car, having your “friends” lead you off the path, or give you the wrong directions.  I would also like to avoid bad media.  Bad media meaning depressing music, video games, and T.V..  Avoiding bad music will make me happier, and function better too.  Avoiding these things will affect me in a better way, and I will accept that.  I have many things I value in life.  One that I value the most is my family.  They are always there for me.  Another thing I value is education.  I’m grateful for my knowledge I’ve learned in school, so it can help me in life.  NOVA is definitely “My roadmap to the path of excellence.”  It has helped me to see things I didn’t before.  It has showed me to look out for bad things, and how to watch for them.  In some ways it has made me more mature.  The tips given to me will lead me through the hard times in life.  NOVA will guide me to the path of excellence.