NOVA has helped me to get on my path of excellence by teaching me right from wrong.  I look forward to NOVA each week because I know that I will learn something important and something that will help me in life.  In the future I want to take some opportunities that are, getting a good education so that i can get a good job to support a family.  Another opportunity I want to take advantage of is I want to get involved in a sport because sports like soccer and tennis are a fun way to get exercise and be healthy.  Some things I want to avoid are that I do not want to take drugs because I know that if I do it will ruin me and my life.  I will try to not listen to bad music because it can influence my actions and thoughts and can lead me off my path of excellence.  Important things in my life is my family, my family will help me through life and by following all the NOVA Principles it will help me and my family.  Another important thing in my life is school.  School is important because it will help me become the best me I can be by helping me go to college and get a good job.  NOVA has made everything so clear as to what I need to do and accomplish in life.  In NOVA we learned about some of the bad things in life and how to avoid them.  I enjoyed learning about how to be a nova lone wolf and getting on our path of excellence.