This year in the N.O.V.A. program I have had a lot of fun learning new ideas and ways that will help me have a better life.  By making good decisions now I will have many more choices later.  I do not want to smoke, drink, or take drugs.  I want my body and my brain to be alive and awake.  I want to enjoy life and not find myself in bad places.  I enjoy good movies, music, and learning about new things and how things are done.  If my mind is full of good thoughts and information I will be able to learn even more.  There are many great things for me still to learn as I go to college, work at something I love to do and someday become a mom that will help my children to enjoy a fun life too.  I have learned good friends help each other to be a better person.  It is important to me that everyone be kind to one another, help each other, and not make fun of people.  I don’t like for people to feel left out.  I like to get along with all of my friends and when all of my friends can get along together.  I enjoy being able to help others by giving service and helping them to be happier.  N.O.V.A. has taught me to be a stronger person and that it is good to say “No” or leave the situation when things do not feel right or when I know that it is not right.  Sometimes I am afraid that my friends may make fun of me or maybe not be my friend if I say “No.”  I need to remember to be my own best friend or I will not be able to help others like I want to.  If my friends do not make good choices then I am learning that I have other friends and family that will.  Making good decisions and remembering to be strong will keep me on my “Road map to the path of excellence.