My constitution for N.O.V.A. is that I will never use harmful or dangerous drugs, that I will listen to good music, watch good TV, and never play violent video games.  I will have stage three maturity and have an “I care” attitude.  I will stay away from dark alleys and not dress like a gang member.  Some opportunities that I want to take advantage of are going to college, getting a good job, helping others.  I will think of others feelings and try not to tease them mean spiritedly.  some values that I have are: Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Responsibility, and Optimism.  I will show these by always telling the truth and not stealing, respecting others, taking responsibility for my actions, following through with what I say I will do, and always giving others the benefit of the doubt.  To me, the most meaningful lesson in N.O.V.A. was about maturity.  It made me realize where I was, what I could become, and what I had to do to become that.  Thank you N.O.V.A. for showing me my roadmap to the path of excellence.