If I follow the nine N.O.V.A. principles I will live a better life.  The boiling frog analogy teaches me that if my body gets used to something bad it will not want to stop doing it.  “Which Wolf are you feeding” comparison shows me if I feed the good Wolf in me it will make me a good person, and people will want to be around me.  If I feed the bad Wolf in me it will make me be a bad person and people won’t want to be around me.  I should always study the situation before I act so I can make better choices.  The phrase “Garbage in garbage out” means negative surroundings lead to wrong decisions.  The more I know the better my future will be and knowledge is power.  Remember, what I do now will affect me later.  I will always be positive and have a Hero Paradigm.  I should always show my ture colors by being myself.  I need to make positive decisions and keep making them throughout my lifetime.  If I follow the N.O.V.A. principles it will lead me down the path of excellence.