The first step I will take to get closer to my path of excellence will be to identify my values or in other words my standards and things that are important to me.  Some of these things are my family, my religion, and my talents or hobbies.  These things are important to me because they describe what kind of a person I am and also what I want to become.  I plan to pursue my talents and use them in my everyday life, to create standards that not only I will be proud of but will also be a good example to others, and to always refer to my values when I am faced with a hard decision or choice.  My next step in getting closer to my path of excellence will be to avoid things that might be harmful, dangerous, or wrong.  Some of these things are drugs, alcohol, pornography, and crude language.  I plan to avoid these things by striving to be positive, productive, and also a good example to my friends and family.  This attitude will help me to stay away from these harmful, dangerous, and wrong things and help me to strive to be a better person.  I also want to take advantage of good opportunities like service and charity.  I have found that I feel much better serving others then when I’m doing things for myself.  So with my values, positive attitude, and good opportunities I will start on my roadmap to the path of excellence.