This year, in the N.O.V.A. program, I have learned a lot!  I know now that there are tons of things that can hurt me, and I’ve learned how to recognize them and how to avoid them.  I know that the harmful and hurtful things will try to disguise themselves and then, as soon as I have done it, I may get addicted and my entire life could fall apart.  I want to avoid smoking, drugs, violence, alcohol, bad TV shows, bad music, and obscene internet websites.  I value, good, clean, music, movies, internet sites, and people who also try to avoid harmful things.  My heroes are my whole family, but one in particular is my sister.  She stays away from things that she knows will hurt her, and is a great example to me, and how I can stay on my path to excellence.  I always want to keep my body clear of all the alcohol and drugs that are out in the world today, so I can get a good job and go to a good college, when I get older.  In order for me to be a successful person, I need to keep my body healthy, clean, and in good, physical shape.  I don’t ever want to be in a place that could hurt me.  In N.O.V.A. I have learned I have to be careful with what I watch, listen to, and do on the internet.  There are awful, terrible things on the TV, the internet, and in music.  It is important to stay away from these things because, once you see it or hear it, it sticks in your brain and soon you’ll start doing the vulgar, obscene things you have heard or seen.  What you put in is what you get out.  Because of the Garbage in, Garbage out principle, I’m always careful with what I put in.  N.O.V.A. has helped to lead me to my path of excellence because Sergeant Wakamatsu has warned me of all the vulgar, bad, obscene, things that are in the world today and has helped me to recognize them and be able to keep away from them and make sure that I never am part of anything dangerous.  I am very thankful for every thing I have learned in N.O.V.A.