Mrs. Miller” – “Expresses her appreciation to her grandson’s N.O.V.A. Officer.  Mrs. Miller said that her grandson has been having a very difficult time in school and doesn’t like to attend because of being bullied, harassed and not being included at recess.   She stated that on March 11, 2009, her grandsons N.O.V.A. Officer gave a lesson about being nice to everyone and including everyone when playing.   Mrs Miller picked up her grandson from school that day and said that he was so happy!  She said that because of the N.O.V.A. lesson, other children in his class had been nice to him and included him at recess time.   Mrs. Miller was near tears when expressing her gratitude to this N.O.V.A. officer and couldn’t believe the change in her grandsons attitude.   Mrs. Miller wanted the N.O.V.A. officer to realize that this lesson made a difference in the life of her grandson.