Media Filters

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ClearPlay is a safe way to enjoy movies with your family.  Whether it’s movie night with the kids or date night with you and your spouse, ClearPlay has you covered.  Entertainment choices for the whole family.  You set content preferences based on your family values. ClearPlay Smart Parental Controls then filter out the images and dialogue you don’t want in the movies and TV shows you own or rent.  You control what your family does – and doesn’t – see so everyone can enjoy worry-free family time.

Family Safe Media is the one stop shop for parental control and safety solutions for families. Parents who are concerned about the profanity, promiscuity, and violence in today’s media and entertainment will find solutions here.

Family Safe Media is dedicated to providing the latest products and services that can help parents control the media in their homes.

You no longer have to accept the unacceptable in movies and TV. VidAngel provides a way to skip or mute things you don’t want to see or hear in movies and TV shows. Use Filters to Skip Distasteful Snippets. Want to skip the nudity in Game of Thrones? Go ahead. Don’t like the mature language in Stranger Things? Mute it. Want less blood and gore in Hacksaw Ridge? VidAngel lets you skip and mute any objectionable content, all in the privacy of your home.

We are dedicated to continue raising public awareness about the dangers of Internet pornography, sexual predators, other dangers and advance solutions that promote equality, fairness and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology, and the law. We stand for freedom of speech as defined by the Constitution of the United States; for a culture where all people are respected and valued; for a childhood with a protected period of innocence; for healthy sexuality; and for a society free from sexual exploitation.

Our mission has resonated with parents from coast to coast who have already realized the danger of too much technology too soon. Gabb Wireless is not just a phone or a phone network—we are a movement to protect kids by providing age-appropriate technology solutions.

Content Filtering Methods for Materials Harmful to Minors


Software – Application installed on device that performs filtering service based on the application features available.

Options: Net Nanny, Symantec Norton Family, Kaspersky Safe Kids, Circle with Disney, Qustodio..

Hardware – Broadband connected device (e.g. router or modem) that performs filtering service for connected devices based on configurable options included or supported.

Options: Clean Router, Router Limits, Circle with Disney on Commercial routers.

DNS – Alternative primary and secondary addresses to that of an Internet provider, this alternative service provides benefits of hardware solution without the hardware.

Options: OpenDNS, SafeDNS, DNSFilter, WebTitan, ChurchDNS.

Internet Proxy – Service that often requires subscribing to and configuring the device(s) to use Internet proxy filter.

Options: Safe Squid, DansGuardian, GateSentry

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Subscription based service that connects Internet device(s) to secure virtual private network which filters content based on advertised features and services.

Options: PureVPN, Curbi

These suggestions were made by a local Internet provider suggesting content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors through third-party providers.

The internet provider nor N.O.V.A. Principles Foundation does not provide or prefer any specific third-party vendor. N.O.V.A. Principles Foundation encourage all to research and analyze the appropriate filtering method for their needs.