To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift… Pain is temporary, quitting lasts a lifetime… Livestrong… Be honest, just and true and no road will be too long or difficult for you.  – Various Leaders-

These are just a few motto’s that inspire me and are words that I live by.  Excellence can be achieved in many avenues of life.  Art, music, education, and athletics.  However, to be on top, you must be determined, dedicated and be confident in your abilities.  If you can’t believe in yourself, how can others believe in you.  Through your journey in life, one will endure many obstacles (or failures) along the way, but if you keep things in perspective and never lose hope, your dreams will come true.  Set coals, work hard daily, educate yourself and having that “Never Give Up” attitude will lead you to a path of excellence.  These attributes listed above are great tools to succeed in life.  However, you must also center yourself around others that have the same beliefs and outlook in life in order to have a strong support group.  I believe that success comes easier with these members who can inspire and challenge you on a daily basis.  Strength in numbers.  Finally, and most importantly, I believe one needs to have faith.  Without it, the finish line is many miles away… Success is not measured by what one drives or wears, but by those that he has touched and inspired.