My N.O.V.A. Constitution is important to me for various reasons.  I have the understanding that every decision I make will have a great influence on my future.  These decisions will illuminate my path to excellence.  I have clearly learned in my personal life that making the more difficult decisions, which require self discipline today, will make my future that much better and easier in the long run.  I must guard my priorities and study the situations that come my way to determine if they are good and will help me or if they have the potential to be harmful and wrong.  In my personal life, that means my priorities must be in order.  I know I have to get the right amount of sleep and exercise and eat healthy to feel my best and function at my full potential.  This could mean I have to leave a social gathering early or decline to attend.  I have learned how making the wrong decision will rob me of my potential due to lack of sleep and time to do those things I know I must to prosper.  There is a definite cause and effect to all my decisions.  I have also learned I must protect my time with my children.  They need and deserve my attention.  When I do not make this a priority, my children do not function at their full potential.  My goal for my life is to raise children that are mature, independent and successful adults.  Lastly, I clearly understand how my choices and decisions affect my career as a police officer.  I need to function at my fullest, mentally, physically and emotionally.  This requires regular physical fitness training, healthy eating and healthy thinking so I can function at my full potential on the street and serve my community.  My constitution to myself is to order my life in such a way that my path is straight and my decisions do not waiver, knowing clearly what decisions will set me on the path to excellence and what decisions will take me off the straight and narrow path.