Parent Resources On Risky Behaviors

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Bullying & Teasing
Bullying Prevention Training
Boys who are bullied online may have more risky sex
Bullying is a common factor in: LGBTQ youth suicides (Yale)
Bullying: It’s Not OK
Bullying’s ‘Vicious Circle’ Harms Mental Health
Bullying won’t be curbed until we figure out what fuels it
Bullying … more likely to display risky sexual behaviors
Bullying alters brain structure, raise risk of mental health problems 
CDC: Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide
CDC: Preventing Bullying
CDC: Preventing Bullying (Violence Prevention)
Don’t Rely on Peer Mediation to Resolve Bullying in Schools
Family support reduces the chance of school and workplace bullying 
Good vs. Hurtful Teasing
How parents can pitch in to prevent bullying
How to prevent bullying, online and offline
How to spot bullying…
Identifying and preventing bullying can start with…
Onscreen bullying primes the brain for aggression 
Relationship between bullying and self-harm…
Student reports bullying and teacher misconduct in Alpine District
Teasing…Subtle Forms of Bullying
Teen Bullying Harm Can Linger For Years
The Educative Value of Teasing
Victims of school bullying are more prone to develop violent behavior in the future
Video games lead to children being bullied and scorned
Videos to help you talk to your kids about bullying
Warning signs of bullying
When Friends Tease Alot

2 girls arrested in Florida bullying case
12 Year Old Arrested for Bullying
Bullying 9-12
Bullying boosts children
Bullying in death of 13-year-old
Bullying presents problems but communication is key
Can you really teach a kid to become bullyproof
Four ways to help prevent bullyingJune 12th
Georgia Boy Hung Himself
In gun debate
Mother says bullying led to sons suicide
Taylorville Utah Bullycide 2012
The Bully and the Bystander 10-12




Assessing Teasing In School-Age Youth 
Bidirectional Association Between Bullying Perpetration and Internalizing Problems Among Youth
Bullying and victimization…relationship to gender, grad, ethnicity, self-esteem, and depression
Bullying, Suicide, and Youth…
Bullying alters brain structure, raises risk of mental health problems  
Bullying others increases the risk of developing mental health problems and vice versa
Childhood bullying and social dilemmas
Illuminating the relationship between bullying and substance us among middle and high school youth.  
Links Bullying with Internalized Problems for US Adolescents
Long-term negative effects of bullying
Racial and ethnic differences in bullying: Review and implications for intervention.
Relationships between bullying, school climate, and student risk behaviors.
School Bullying and Youth Violence 
Students’ Perceptions of Bullying 


National Cybersecurity Alliance

Boys who spend lots of time online more likely to cyberbully.
Cyberbullying: adults are victims too
Cyberbullying: What is Cyberbullying and How to Stop It
Internet Safety 101
51 Critical Cyberbullying Statistics in 2020
2 Indicted Cyberbullying -2017
2 arrested in deadly Canada cyberbullying case
5 Ways to Protect Your Kid From Cyberbullying

7 Types of Cyberbullying Parents Should Know
11 Facts About Cyberbullying.
11 tips for stopping cyberbullies and online trolls
Behind the screen
Cyberbullying is a crime
Cyberbullying among adults
Cyberbullying: a Bigger Playground
Cyberbullying: How is it different from face-to-face bullying
Cyberbullying leaves a permanent footprint
Cyberbullying Tips
Digital dating abuse
Digital dating abuse among teens
Everything you need to know…
Getting to the root of cyberbullying
How to address cyberbullying and online
How to keep your kids safe from cyberbullying
How to protect your child from online abuse, hacking, and cyberbullying
How to recognize, address cyber-bullying
How to spot if your child is a victim
Is cyberbullying common among adults
Is Cyber Bullying just kids being mean…
Main differences of cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying
New cyberbullying trend…
Protecting children from the scourge of cyberbullying
Signs of cyberbullying & How To Help Your Child Overcome It

Social media addiction linked to cyberbullying
Stay cybersafe this summer
Teens who think their parents are loving….
To truly understand
Impact on children, teens


Guide to Cyberbullying Laws

Combating weight-based cyberbullying…
Cultivating youth resilience to prevent bullying and cyberbullying victimization
Cyberbullying and Self-esteem
Cyberbullying in Social Media Sites
Cyberbullying: Predicting Victimisation and Perpetration
Peer victimization
Risky online behaviors amount adolescents 
Social media and their impact on school discipline


Drugs, Inhalants, Opiods, etc

Resources about Drugs
Get Smart About Drugs (DEA)
NIDA for Teens
Dangers of so-called ‘study drug’ Adderall
Drug and Alcohol Slang Terms
Drugs and Your Brain
Drugs and Crime Statistics
Early Warning Signs of Teen Substance Use
Nothing prepared me for my teen’s drug addiction
Peer pressure, curiosity, and social problems can lead teens to try – and abuse – alcohol and drugs
Performance-enhancing substances tied to risk behaviors
Teen’s death prompts warning on ‘Benadryl Challenge’
Teen Jobs and Drug Use
The Harmful effects of Energy Drinks on a Teenage Body
Top Secret Project Tips Parents Off About Dangerous Teen Activities
Transgender teens may turn to substance use to cope with stress

College students drug use
Concerts amp up drug screening
Deadly drug easy to buy online
Detox Center
Drug Awareness v9-05Flakka
Flesh Eating Drug 10-2013
Heroin overdose deaths
Molly deaths
Opinion-Were losing the war on drugs
Prescription Heroin
Synthetic Cannabinoids
The new face of heroin addiction
The new Just Say No
Utah needle exchange program - Thoughts
We know it can kill us
Why Meth Addicts Look Older
Man Dies After Recording Own Addiction
Prison Program Seeing Success in Treating Drug AddictionsMay 11th


Staying safe at events
Concert Substance Abuse Stats of Metal Fans


Inhalant addiction



Dependent babies: the most innocent casualties of the opioid crisis
Fentanyl – cheap…
Opioids and Prescription Drugs
The opioid crisis continues….
Understanding the difference between Prescription and Illicit Fentanyl
What happens to the children?

Withdrawal Timeline for Opioids

What to know about oxycodone


8 ways eating too much sugar is bad for your health
Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days
Festive hot drinks contain up to 23 teaspoons of sugar
How is the natural sugar and sweetener market evolving?
How much sugar is too much?

How sugar affects the brain…
Is sugar addiction real, and can you beat it?

It won’t be easy to kick the sugar habit, but it’ll save your life



Abuse of prescription drugs and the risk of addiction
Impact of adolescent drug use
Inhalant Abuse
Inhalant abuse among adolescents
Inhalant Use and Inhalant Use Disorders…
Neural activity related to drug craving in cocaine addiction
Risky Sex Behavior and Substance Use
Soft Drinks in Schools
Study links substance use in adolescents to insufficient sleep
Sugar-Added Beverages and Weight Change

Sugar not so nice in child’s brain development
Teenage sex, drugs and alcohol use
The co-occurrence of substance use and high-risk behaviors
When Children Eat What They Watch



CDC: Association between Marijuana use and risky behaviors in high school students

USDHHS The Truth About Marijuana
Across Utah more students are reporting using marijuana
Adolescent Marijuana Use Is Linked to Altered Neural Circuitry and Mood Symptoms
Americans’ changing perceptions of marijuana
Arizona has good reason to be wary of Big Marijuana…
Cannabis Safety

Cannabis use in adolescence leads to poorer…
Cannabis is a ‘gateway drug’ that leads users to harder substances
Chronic State (Video)
Don’t drive high

Drug prevention groups speak out against legalization of marijuana
Is marijuana addictive?
Is marijuana bad for your brain? (Ted Talk)
Is marijuana linked to psychosis, schizophrenia? …
Is marijuana really harmless?
Is marijuana safe and effective as medicine?
Long after your high is gone, pot use may still affect your driving
MADD releases new report on marijuana consumption and driving
Marijuana Can Be Addictive . . . 
Marijuana: Good or bad?
Marijuana Info
Medical marijuana
Marijuana changes heart structure
Marijuana seems to be linked to testicular cancer
Marijuana use in pregnancy poses risks to your child’s mental health
Marijuana vaping nearly doubles among youth
Pot use in pregnancy linked with kids’ mental health issues
Steer teens away from marijuana, driving under the influence

Teenage brains may be especially vulnerable to marijuana use

Teens may be more likely to use marijuana after legalization for adult recreational use

Teen pot use could mean less success as an adult
The true cost of cannabis…
What is the scope of marijuana use in the United States?
What is marijuana?

Anti-marijuana stance
Casual marijuana use may damage your brain
CDC Warns Pot Edibles Are Highly Dangerous
Smoking pot doesnt hurt lung capacity
LDS Church issues statement on proposed Utah marijuana initiative
Legalizing marijuana 11-16
Marijuana - Addictions and Recovery
Marijuana - Casa Palmera rehab
Marijuana - Drug free world report
Marijuana - Michael's House
Marijuana - Newport Academy
Marijuana - Rehab International
Marijuana 10-2012
Marijuana Concerns
Marijuana health dangers underestimated
Marijuana sickness on the rise
Marijuans - Drug Addiction Support
More Colorado kids in hospital for marijuana
More Teens Sent to ERs After Pot Legalized
Pediatricians warn against pot use 2-17
Pro Marijuana Article - Change the climate
Teen pot use linked to later declines in IQ
The Age Most People Stop Smoking Weed
The Problem With Pot
Wash Wants Pot Consultant
Washington highway safety official on Utah trip talks marijuana and impaired driving
Washington Marijuana Problem
What happens if you smoke marijuana every day
Tobacco & Nicotine


Cannabis accelerates growth of common tumors
Cognitive mechanisms…
Early exposure to cannabis boosts young brains’ sensitivity to cocaine…
Functional consequences of marijuana use in adolescents
Insights from first state to legalize…
Long-Term Marijuana Use IS Associated with Health Problems Later in Life
Marijuana can lead to false memory formation
Marijuana Impact on IQ
Marijuana Use in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease
Marijuana Dependence and Its Treatment
Television campaigns and adolescent marijuana use
The risks for late adolescence of early adolescent marijuana use


Internet & Social Media

3 Ways To Ensure Cybersecurity In A Remote Learning Environment
6 Cardinal Rules of Internet Safety All Parents Should Follow
FBI: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
FBI: Shares safety tips against online scams
BBB Tip: Staying safe on the internet
Children Internet Safety
Cyber-safety is important for every grade
Dangers of Internet challenges
Helping parents keep their children safe online
Here’s how we make the internet safer for children
Home Security Network
How the Internet Easily Tempts Teens Into Digital Piracy, Porn and Hacking
How to teach kids media literacy
How to Secure Your Smart Home
Internet Addiction around the World
Internet Safety 101
Internet Safety: How to stay safe from malware threats

Internet Safety: Talking to kids about staying safe online
Internet Safety for Kids: How to Protect Your Child From Online Danger
Keeping Your Child Safe Online
Lonely adolescents are susceptible to internet addiction
Make the most of your parental WiFi controls
Onscreen bullying primes the brain for aggression
Parents Must Manage Online Learning to Reduce Kids’ Risk
Screen time and device distractions

Teens must ‘get smart’ about social media
The 4 Biggest Risks Kids Face Online
There’s a dangerous link between teens & social media, says a 10-year study
Top Seven Dangers Children Face Online
Violent Crimes Against Children
Watch fo These Warning Signs
Young men today: social isolation, gaming, and porn
Your Ultimate Guide to Home Security

Social Media

Behind the screen
Celebrity worship addictive and problematic social media use
Does social media drive eating disorders?
Is there a link between social media use and poor decision-making?
More teen time on social media, more eating disorders

Social media addiction linked to cyberbullying
Social media associated with disordered eating in young adolescents
Social media use and adolescent health
Social media may influence substance abuse in youth
We made Facebook as Addictive as Cigarettes on Purpose
Dangerous link between teens & social media…
How social media influences people


Internet Porn Awareness v7-05
For those of you with children and
Internet addicts
Internet Predators
Suspected online predator friending hundreds of Utah girls




Cybercrime: Internet erodes teenage impulse controls
Peer attachment, sexual experiences, and risky online behaviors . . .
Parenting Benefits of Keylogger Program
EW: Teens, Social Media & Technology 
Screen exposure, sleep disruption. . .
Screen time and risk behaviors in 10- to 16-year-old . . .
Teens, Social Media & Technology
Study links celebrity worship to addictive and problematic social media use

Phone / Sexting
1 in 4 young people has been sexted, study finds.
15 apps parents should look out for
69% of parents feel ‘addicted’ to phone…
Children and Sexting
FBI: Protect your kids keeping track of their electronic devices.
Fighting sextortion
How Many Teens Are Sexting?
How Prevalent Is Sexting among Adolescents?
Sexting among kids is bigger than ever. . .
Sexting, Consent…
Sextortion is becoming your child’s greatest threat
Sextortion is spiking and the FBI says . . .
SOS encourages online safety, app awareness
Teen sexting on the rise
The kids are sexting: How Anti-Helicopter parent app aims to help
Utahn accused in ‘sextortion’ of over 50 teens . . .
What do parents need to know about teens and sexting?

Teen Slang

Parents’ guide to the language of emojis
Teen slang, emojis, & hashtags parents need to know….
Teen texting slang…
The teen slang dictionary for parents
Urban dictionary


Keeping teens safe
Former US Rep Faces Sexting Charges (1)
Rise in teen suicide
Saying good things that come to mind
The father factor
High School Sexting
Sexting - Chances are
Sexting Arrest - Ogden
Online flirting - Riverdale teen
Rock bottom-Sexting
Sextortion of 8
A warning to parents-Sextortion



JAMA: Sexting-Prevalence, Age, Sex, and Outcomes
JAMA: What Parents Need to Know About Sexting
JAMA: Association of Sexting with…Mental Health…
JAMA: Prevalence of Multiple Forms of Sexting….
JAMA: Non Consensual Sexting…
JAMA: Teen Sexting and Its Association With Sexual Behaviors
JAMCP: Prevalence and Characteristics of Youth Sexting
JAMCP: Sexually Explicit Cell Phone Messaging Associated with Sexual risk Among Adolescents
Despite what you might think, sexting isn’t just about sex
How do adolescents experience sexting in dating relationships?
Sexting Awareness Should Start Early
Sexting: Serious Problems for Youth
Sexting and Sexual Behavior in At-Risk Adolescents
Sexting and Sexual Behavior Among Middle School Students  
Sexually Explicit Cell Phone Messaging Associated With Sexual Risk Among Adolescents
Teens who engage in sexting are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety
Under pressure to sext?
Youth Sexting: Prevalence Rates, Driving Motivations . . .



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

CALL: 1-800-273-8255

5 Habits I Use to Heal from Depression…
CDC Probes Troubling Rise in Suicide Among Utah Teens
Do smartphones and social media lead to adolescent suicide?
How Childhood and Youth Experiences Link to Suicide

How teenagers ask for help
How to Spot Teen Depression
Listen to Me! Signs You Just Need Someone To Listen

More young people are dying of suicide…
NYT: The Crisis in Youth Suicide
Self-injury and Choking
Suicide: A real risk with drug addiction
Talking to teens – suicide prevention
The Complexities Behind the Act of Suicide

There’s a dangerous link between teens & social media, says a 10-year study
What can be done about teen suicide?


Sladjana Vidovic




JAMA: Prevalence and family-related factors associated with suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and self-injury in children aged 9 to 10 years
Adolescent suicide prevention

Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide in youth
Children as young as 9 can have suicidal thoughts
Depression changes gray matter in the young brain

Factors that increase or decrease suicidal behavior risk in adolescents
For abused teen girls, suicidal thoughts linked to bond with mom
Global risks of suicidal behaviors and being bullied…
Little kids who talk about suicide know what death means
Relationship of sexual orientation to substance use, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and other factors . . .
Risky Behaviors and Factors Associated with Suicide Attempt in Adolescents
Social stress heightens risk for depression through inflammatory response
Suicide and youth violence prevention . . .
Suicidal Behavior More Common in Preadolescents Than Thought
What’s behind the increase in adolescent suicide?
What scientific research on HOPE can teach us about resilience
Youth Suicide Prevention


E-Cigarettes / Vaping
CDC: These are the brands linked to the vaping epidemic
Electronic vapor product use and sexual risk behaviors in US adolescents
Most students who use e-cigs vape nicotine and marijuana
Nicotine Addiction From Vaping Is a Bigger Problem Than Teens Realize
Patient’s e-cigarette habit leads to ‘cobalt lung’ diagnosis – an incurable disease found only in metal workers
Teens are over vaping…
Teens keep vaping
The Dangers of Juuling
Tips for Teens: The truth about e-cigarettes
Vaping, declining mental health . . . student survey
Vaping… glamourized on social media…
Vaping health risks raise alarm about education younger generations
Vaping of marijuana on the rise among teens
What are vaping devices?
What makes Sense Of The Vaping Ban Issue


Campaign to combat e-cigarettes
E-Cigarette Debate
E-Cigarette Effects 9-16
E-Cigarette Poisoning
E-Cigarettes 10X more dangerous
E-Cigarettes More Popular Among Teens
Electronic cigarettes
Health Risks Of E-Cigarettes
Inside the Vaper's Den
Liquid nicotine
Rates high for Utah teens using e-cigsSeptember 5th
Schools fret as teens take to vaping
Utah counties adopt rules for e-cigarettes
Vaping up 900 Percent
What are electronic cigarettes



FDA: A Startling Rise in Youth E-cigarette Use
JAMA: Association of Flavored Tobaccos Use With Tobacco Initiation . . .
JAMA: Vaping-Seeking Clarity in a Time of Uncertainty
Chronic inhalation of e-cigarette vapor containing nicotine disrupts airway barrier function . . .
Escalating safety concerns are not changing adolescent e-cigarette use patterns…
Flavored E-cigarette Use and Progression of Vaping in Adolescents
Lungs, Heart, Brain: The health risks of vaping that doctors know – and the ones they don’t
Listen now: Risk, vaping and prevention research on the State of Research podcast (Vaping)

Video Games

Can you really be addicted to video games?
Can Playing Video Games Be Good for Kids?
Children’s Violent Video Game Play Associated with…
Do violent video games contribute…

Gamers face high and ongoing risk of identity theft and bullying

How Hate Groups Recruit New, Young Members Through Video Games
NYT: Can you really be addicted to video games?
Is video game addiction a mental health disorder?
Is your teen addicted to gaming?
Parents be aware…Roblox…
Teens and Video Games: Should parents by concerned?
Teens play more video games than they should
Video game addiction is now being recognized – what happens next?
Violent Video Games and Aggression
Video games that won’t rot the brain
What Families Should Know About Video Game Addiction
WHO: Gaming Disorder
Young people with gaming disorder are more anxious

Bill to study impact of violent video games
Halo 5 - Teen rating
Group Cites Video Game Sex
Video Game Awareness v10-05
Online Video Gaming



JAAP: Longitudinal effects of violent video games on aggression in Japan and the United States
MIT: Video game addiction is being recognized…
APA: Internet Gaming
Children and Video Games: Addiction . . . 
Longitudinal Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggression . . . 
Nearly 1 in 10 Youth Gamers Addicted To Video Games
Pathological video-game use among youth ages 8 to 18
Prevalence and Predictors of Video Game Addiction
Risk of gaming addiction…
Student finds effects of videos games more negative for girls than boys
Nearly 1 in 10 youth gamers addicted to video games
Pathological video-game use among youth ages 8 to 18
Prevalence and predictors of video game addiction…
Preventing Technology Addiction
Student finds effects of videos games more negative for girls than boys

Children’s Safety Network
CDC: Youth risk behavior surveillance system
CDC: Preventing Youth Violence

Causes of youth violence
Dating Violence
Firearm Violence
How to Tell if Your Digital Addiction Is Ruining Your Life
Is your teen addicted to gaming?
Links between early screen exposure, sleep disruption and EBD in kids
Other Violent Behavior
Positive and negative effects of video games on teenagers
Preventing Technology addiction
Predictors of Youth Violence
Prevention and Intervention (Surgeon General)
Youth Violence . . .


A disconnect between violence and television
California girl dies from injuries in school fight
Girl dies after fight
New Mexico Shootings
Norway gunman
Screen violence
Teenager stabs brother multiple times
Venting can make your anger worse
Violent Movie Influended Murder



JAAP: Longitudinal effects of violent video games on aggression in Japan and the United States
MIT: Video game addiction is being recognized…
ADA: Handbook of school violence and school safety
ADA: Preventing youth violence in a multicultural society
Best Practices of Youth Violence Prevention . . .
CDC: A Comprehensive Technical Package for the Prevention of Youth Violence and Associated Risk Behaviors
Connections Between Violent Television Exposure and Adolescent Risk Taking
Digital dating abuse
Digital dating abuse among teens
Linkages Between Internet and Other Media Violence With Seriously Violent  Behavior by Youth
Preventing youth violence through the promotion of community engagement . . .
Problematic video game involvement associated with weapons-carrying, other violence measures in adolescents