My parents and other leaders have taught me from an early age to be the best at whatever I am doing.  I have learned that if I always try my hardest and give my best effort in all that I do, that I will always feel like a success.  The N.O.V.A. program completely reinforced these principles in my life.  Sometimes, I tend to rush through my homework without checking it twice or rush through practicing the piano.  N.O.V.A. has helped me to understand that I really need to take advantage of the opportunities to learn and grow and to not let these opportunities pass by without giving a maximum effort.  I have also learned the importance of being busy doing good things.  Because, when we are not, we have a tendency to do things that we probably shouldn’t be doing.  I have learned the dangers of drugs and experimenting with other harmful things.  I will avoid these at all costs as with all things, experimenting with drugs has a cause and effect.  Because when you do or don’t do something, something happens.  This principle taught me a lot.  N.O.V.A. has taught me the value of hard work.  Like I mentioned above, I could work harder in developing my talents.  If I don’t, I will not reap as great as a reward as I could have.  I will work harder in all I do from now on.  I also value the concept of “There is no excuse: what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.”  This has taught me to not play in the “gray” areas of life.  N.O.V.A. has helped me realize that when creating “My roadmap to the path of excellence” that all of my choices matter.  I will think of the cause and effect of all that I do and am determined to do my best in everything in life.  I know that if I will follow these principles that my road to excellence will not be as bumpy as if I had not made these resolutions.