My parents and other people have taught me many things.  One is to always to try my hardest, even if I don’t get the best grades it is ok because I did my best.  N.O.V.A. has also taught me many great things like that.  I want to take the opportunity t0 try hard in school, go to college and get a good job.  I will try and be a leader and influence others to do good.  I will make good lifetime decisions.  I will try to stay in stage three maturity so I can make most of my decisions in life.  I will be nice to people that have been put down.  I will use all my N.O.V.A. principles.  I will try to have a good attitude about everything.  I will make good choices so I can have more opportunities.  In N.O.V.A. I have learned a lot of things we need to avoid and how to avoid them.  Something’s I will not do or will try to avoid are I will not take drugs because drugs are dangerous and if you take them they will have a bad cause and effect.  I will not become a gang member or dress like one.  I’ll try not to become a boiled frog.  I’ll try not to listen or watch bad things.  I will try not to do mean spirited teasing and I won’t bully others.  I will avoid having low self-esteem.  I’ll try not to have “The Victim Paradigm”.  The things I value the most are my family, friends, school, N.O.V.A., my family because they help me a lot, my friends because they cheer me up if I am feeling sad, school because it is fun and because I meet all my great friends there and N.O.V.A. because it has taught me many valuable things that will help me to reach my path of excellence.  Now whenever I need to make a hard choice I will study the situation and think to myself will this lead me to my path of excellence?  N.O.V.A. has taught me to never take drugs and not to become a gang member.  They also have taught me the good and bad sides of media.  Once N.O.V.A. is over I will miss it.  I will always remember N.O.V.A.