By following my roadmap to the path of excellence, I can avoid many problems and bad situations that cause problems for young people today.  My roadmap includes taking advantage of opportunities that will come my way if I keep my mind and body free of bad influences.  These opportunities will include having good friends with similar standards as mine.  Also I will be able to make good decisions because my mind will be clear.  I will be able to use the internet because I will use it wisely.  I will have opportunities to be a leader because people will recognize good wholesome characteristics in me that they will find inspiring and attractive.  My roadmap will steer me away from unhealthy problems like using alcohol and drugs.  It will take me away from violence, teasing, and bullying, and lead me towards kindness, love, and being helpful to others.  My map will help me recognize unhealthy internet websites, and lead me towards sites that build character, self-esteem, and challenge my imagination.  I value people who make right decisions whether they are popular or not.  I value clean thoughts and actions that come from an uncluttered mind free of internet garbage.  The NOVA program has helped me create my roadmap by teaching me how to handle situations before they come up.  I can decide now how I will act so that I will not be pressured when the time comes into making a poor decision.  The NOVA program helps me stay on my roadmap and gives me the chance to be the best perosn I can possible be.