Being a part of N.O.V.A. has honestly made me feel like and be a better person.  I realized this when we learned about the three stages of maturity, anger management, and other things.  I saw that with maturity, I wasn’t always where I needed to be.  What helped me on my Path to Excellence was what some would call magic.  In N.O.V.A., we aren’t forced to do anything at all.  The opportunity is ours to take.  I didn’t know how to fix my problems, and once I started N.O.V.A., I found the tools I needed, which, after admitting to myself that I had a problem, gave me the opportunity to fix the way I was being.  I was interested in the N.O.V.A. program, involved, encouraged.  I actually made goals to be nicer, have stage three maturity, control my emotions, and have a hero paradigm way of thinking.  I feel like N.O.v.A. has helped me on my Path to Excellence by showing and giving me the tools I needed to fix what wasn’t getting fixed.  N.O.V.A. has helped me realize what I really and truly value.  Before N.O.V.A., I valued what most people do.  I valued friends, family, school, teachers, and many more.  I still value these things, but I have learned other things from N.O.V.A. that I value just a strongly.  An example might be the N.O.V.A. principles.  Another could be laws to protect us.  The list goes on.  If it hadn’t have been for N.O.V.A., I wouldn’t be who I am today, at this very moment and time.  I really do sincerely mean that.  I have been surprised with just how much N.O.V.A. has impacted my life, showing me that I can change.  I really am grateful for N.O.V.A. and the lessons that it teaches.  The N.O.V.A. principles will never be lost in my heart.  No, N.O.V.A. will reside within me, reminding me it’s never too early to become a N.O.V.A. Lone Wolf.