My few months in N.O.V.A. have taught me many important things that I didn’t know to help me through my life.  I loved the lessons.  The stories and games were so fun and funny; I adored them.  The lessons also taught me to avoid bad things such as: drugs, violence, gangs, negative media, and more.  These things I want to avoid because they will prevent me from progressing in my life, could put me in jail, and do not give my joy.  I especially remember all the stuff about negative media; I need to avoid pornography, bad music, and bad internet sites.  Someday I want to be a scientist.  I need to be educated to do this and not be taking drugs or doing things that will get me kicked out of school.  I value my family, my things, and my life.  I will do the things N.O.V.A. has taught me so that I can follow my path to excellence.