I feel that NOVA has taught me many things to help me in my life.  One of those things is to be drug free.  By choosing good friends, who do not do drugs and by helping them to make the right choice about staying drug free.  We can help each other.  If I talk to my parents about the choices I make and communicate with them about the things that I do, they will guide me and help me to stay drug free.  I also, learned that I can say “No” when others may want me to try drugs.  I can help my friends also say “No” and walk away.  I also learned about bullying and treating others with respect.  I will never bully or treat others unkindly.  It has helped me to know how to help others if they are being bullied.  I want to stick up for those people and help them.  I learned that I can tell a teacher or my parents and they can help me to help others.  NOVA has taught me the importance of getting a good education and attending college.  This will help me to have more opportunities to have a good job and enjoy what I do.  It has helped me to want to do a little bit better each day in school and at home.  It has helped me to be positive and work hard to reach my goals in life.  I can do anything if I remember these things that NOVA has taught!