When I ponder upon the things that I cherish most, my mind wanders to my beautiful wife and wonderful son.  I think of my religion and faith, as well as the blessings that I receive from working with my students.  The thought of losing these treasures because of terrible decisions to take drugs, alcohol, or view pornography, frightens me beyond words.  It’s these thoughts and others that motivate me to follow my path of excellence.  There is such joy that can be found in following the teaching that NOVA spells out.  Responsibility, accountability, morality, and healthy lifestyle habits are taught through this program.  As a young husband and father, I’ve found NOVA to be a wonderful source of guidance in my attempts to raise a happy, loving family.  Years ago as a young teenager I personally witnessed a loved one of mine lose his life to the lure and addictions of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.  I know then as I know now that health and happiness can only be found by making positive decisions.  Filling my life with goals and purpose has helped me to stay on my path of excellence.  Seeking to excel in school, scouts, music and sports allowed me to escape the depressing world of hopelessness, that is found within drug addiction and abuse.  And yet as I look to the future this day, I know that my journey of living by the principles set forth by NOVA is not over.   It is a lifetime commitment to keeping oneself clean and productive.  I pledge now to follow my NOVA constitution and to help others live by theirs.