Week 1

Purpose and Principle

There is a Purpose and Principle to everything, whether it’s positive or negative.
A Principle is a Law or set of Rules that determines how something works.
Understanding what Purpose and Principles are helps me become intelligent, successful, and happy.

The meaning of N.O.V.A. is:

N – Nurturing
Nurturing is to encourage positive development and growth.

O – Opportunities
Opportunities are good things that come your way.

V – Values
Values are good principles, ideals, and standards that you believe in and live by.

A – Accountability
Accountability is being responsible for your actions and the choices you make.

Each student is given the opportunity to earn prizes, awards, and a Certification of Achievement award from the N.O.V.A. program if they agree to abide by the NOVA Commitment Contract which is:

Have a positive attitude about the NOVA program

Show respect and good behavior in class

No illegal drug use

Obey the law

Have good attendance

Write a personal constitution.

Students receive a NOVA folder if they promise to respect and take good care of it. The folder is used to put lesson plan material and assignments in it for safe keeping.

The NOVA motto is taught: “Illuminating the path to excellence.” The purpose of the N.O.V.A. program is to show students how to get to their path of excellence and become the most successful person they can be.

Students participate in an active learning lesson activity that teaches how important it is to gain knowledge and a good education to become happy, independent and successful.

The NOVA mascot (a Wolf) is introduced. The name of the mascot is “Polaris”, the North Star. Students are taught that they can look towards the NOVA Principles program and Polaris the mascot, to be a guiding force in their life that stands for everything that is good and to illuminate their path to excellence.

The meaning of a NOVA Lone Wolf is explained. A NOVA Lone Wolf is a person who has the strength not to follow the crowd, or their “pack” of friends when they choose to do wrong.

Students are shown NOVA awards that they can earn if they work hard and complete the NOVA assignments that will be given out later on in the program.

Please take the time to go over these lesson points with your child, and add your own insights as well. Next week, you will receive the next NOVA lesson summary.

Thank you for being part of the NOVA Parent Pack!

What is NOVA?

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