Week 10 – Initiative

The Initiative Application (See The Dog Poop Initiative by Kirk Weisler)

I see what needs to be done and do it.
Poopers are on Stage 1 and make life harder for everyone.
Pointers are on Stage 2 and do little to help or fix problems.
Scoopers are on Stage 3 and take initiative to become leaders and heroes.
People with initiative get things done and improve life for everyone.

Producer Vs Consumer
A producer creates value for themselves and others through work, business, innovation, or service.
A consumer uses goods and services like food, clothing, electricity, the internet, etc., that others produce.
We are all consumers. If we did not consume, we would die.
We all need to be producers in order to pay for the things we consume.


Each box represents how I handle being a producer or a consumer.
There are only three options. I get to choose.
Be Box 1

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