Week 13 – The Challenge

Fire Warning
Taking Risks in life is Powerful! Powerful in either Positive or Negative ways
Name some Powerfully Positive Risks that would be Good to take
   (Going to school, sports, getting a job, doing service for others, etc.)
Name some Powerfully Negative Risks that would Not be Good to take
   (Drugs, gangs, crime, bullying, etc.)


When it comes to Risks and Life… Remember that Risks are Powerful… There is a Fire Warning with Risks!
You must use strategy! The best possible strategy!

Whenever you take a Risk in life… STS… Think about what the Risk is… Is it a Positive or a Negative Risk?
Think about the Cause & Effects; Effects of the Risk

Use the NOVA Principles & Apps… They will help you decide whether or not the Risk is worth taking

Always Remember:
Life is Rigged Against you if you make wrong choices and take Powerfully Negative Risks
Whereas… Life is Rigged For you if you take Powerfully Positive Risks


NOTE: Please check with your child’s classroom teacher for the date and time of your child’s NOVA graduation.