Week 3 – Positivity


My attitude plays a major role in determining my success and happiness.
Negativity restricts and limits opportunities, whereas positivity leads to success and happiness.
Dealing With Pain and Tragedy
When something painful or tragic happens, having a positive attitude is crucial.
Tell yourself, “I can handle this.” “I’m not the only one who is going through this.” Pain and tragedy are natural parts of life that happen to everyone.
Experiencing pain and tragedy give me strength and empathy.
Empathy means that I understand and care about what others are going through. Positivity does not take away pain or tragedy.
It helps me deal with and work through it, so I can continue forward.


The Principle of Positivity
When I choose positivity I experience success and happiness.
When I evaluate my “What it is” compared to something worse, I feel better.
When I evaluate my “What it is” compared to something better, I feel worse.
When I imagine (create) my “What it is’ getting better, I feel better.
When I imagine (create) my “What it is” getting worse, I feel worse.
I don’t always get to choose “What it is”, but I do get to choose how I evaluate and create (imagine).

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