Week 4 – Paradigm

The Paradigm Application – How I see things.
There are two main paradigms that lead to different paths. One leads to the path of failure, while the other leads to the path of excellence.
The victim paradigm leads to low self-esteem, troubles, and misery. (Why me? Why try? I can’t! I don’t care! Blame Entitlement Negativity)
The victor paradigm leads to self-esteem, opportunities, and happiness. (Why not me? I will try? I can! I care! Accountability Responsibility Positivity)

Self-esteem is to have self-respect, a sense of personal worth, confidence, and a positive attitude about myself. Self-esteem is to like who I am, feel good about myself, do my best, and make good choices.
Self-esteem is to feel that I am no better or worse than others.
Low or poor self-esteem is to not like who I am, not do my best, and make poor choices.
Low or poor self-esteem is to feel that I am better or worse than others.
I get to choose whether I have self-esteem or poor self-esteem.
With constant practice, I get better at having self-esteem and feeling good about myself.

Put-downs are mean, hurtful, untrue words or gestures given to someone to make them feel awful or unimportant. People who put others down have poor self-esteem. They mistakenly believe it will make themselves feel better. Put-downs are a common way we hurt others and ourselves, but nobody likes getting them.
Although I can apologize for giving a put-down, I can never take it back from someone’s brain.
My tongue can be a dangerous weapon. I must use it carefully.
I will not give put-downs. Instead, I will give compliments and say nice things to myself and others.

Dealing with Put-downs
A positive attitude about myself is the best vaccination and cure for put-downs from others. I stand tall and like who I am. It’s how I see myself that counts.
I refuse to let the put-downs of others ruin my self-esteem.