Week 5 – True Colors

The True Colors Application
What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.
Saying “everyone does it” or “nobody does it” does not change whether it is right or wrong. I stand up for what I know is right.
I stand against what I know is wrong.
I am a NOVA Lone Wolf when necessary.


The Principle of Knowledge
Knowledge creates opportunities.
I am serious about my education and gain as much knowledge as possible.

Three Paths to Knowledge
The Hard Path: Learn from experienced individuals.
The Harder Path: Learn without help from others.
The Hardest Path: Learn by making poor choices.

The Lifetime Decisions Application
Good decisions I make now and forever.
The decisions I make now determine my success or failure.
I stand up for what I believe in and choose friends who do the same.
To ensure success, I will follow the five Core NOVA Principles which are: Accountability – Positivity – Knowledge – Work – Respect