Week 6 – Personal Development


The Principle of Work
My path to excellence requires work.
Work is hard – otherwise it wouldn’t be called “work”. However, the rewards are worth it. I work hard while traveling on my Path to Excellence.

Some blame others or circumstances for their anger.
We have all heard, “You make me so mad!” Maybe we have even said it ourselves. Anger is a choice. I get to choose whether I become angry or mad.
I am in control of myself. I am responsible for my choices and actions.

The Which Wolf Am I Feeding Application
Which wolf is stronger? The one I feed.
Inside of me are two wolves competing for control.
One wolf is angry, violent, and full of hate. The other wolf is kind, caring, and friendly. Which wolf wins control? The wolf I feed.

Anger Management Tools
Stop: I will stop when I get angry or mad and take a time out. I will stop the fighter part of my brain.
Drop: I will drop into calmness by focused breathing, walking, playing with a pet, etc. I will drop out of stage 1 maturity.
Roll: I will roll into stage 2 or stage 3 maturity. I will roll into positivity with my “What it is”.