Week 8 – Media Awareness and Consumption


What is Media?
Media provides communication, information, and entertainment.
TV, movies, music, video games, print, art, internet, social media, and VR are types of media.
Media is powerful and can influence how I think, feel, and behave in either positive or negative ways.





The Fire Application
Some say fire is good, others say it is bad, in reality fire is powerful.
Is fire good? It heats homes, cooks food, powers engines.
Is fire bad? It destroys forests, burns communities, kills people.
Fire is powerful. It has power to bring about both positive and negative outcomes.
Fire is an analogy for powerful things like media, drugs, thoughts, feelings, behavior, etc. I will handle “Fire” carefully and appropriately.





The Harvest Application
What I put in is what I get out.
The seeds I plant and nurture determine what grows and becomes my harvest.
This is true for a garden, and it is true with my mind.
Everything I see, hear, and do become the seeds I plant in my mind.
Good positive seeds bring good outcomes, whereas harmful negative seeds bring negative outcomes. WARNING – Weeds thrive if allowed to grow and can choke out all that is good.
I will plant and nurture good positive seeds in my mind.