Week 9 – Internet and Social Media Interaction


The Internet
The internet is a global network that provides interactive information and communication.
It is a virtual world within our physical world where I connect through technology.Social Media
Websites or apps where I interactively create and share posts and comments with friends or groups.
Social media accounts are usually free because they are funded through advertising.







The internet and social media are powerful. Handle with care!

Screen Time Battle
Social media companies work for advertisers because that’s who pays them.
They design their apps to entice me to stay on the screen longer through notifications, alerts, news feeds, etc.


Parents advocate for their children to keep them safe and healthy because they love them.
They encourage less screen time so I have more positive opportunities, and so I don’t get “Burned”.

I am stuck in the middle of this battle. Which wolf will I feed?


Harmful influences have a way of sneaking up on me if I’m not careful.
Some things may not appear harmful or dangerous because the negative effects seem small at first.
With repeated exposure I become desensitized.
This means that I get used to it over time so I do not even notice the negative effects building up in me.
Getting trapped by drugs, pornography, violence, screen time, or stinky socks are examples of becoming desensitized.